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PoLICE Protocol Feature

(Proof of Location, Identity, Capacity & Earnings)

MAEGIC runs on PoLICE protocol, (PoliceProtocol.org) which is still undergoing development but the main idea is to offer everyone an option to help secure the network. MAEGIC is localizing blockchains so the first thing a user will need to do is join their local network, location is NOT optional. After a user specifies their location, (city/town) they can then choose one or all of the other proofs to build up their trust on the network. If a user wants to take advantage of the features MAEGIC has to offer for identity protection and management, they can provide details of their identity which also builds up trust. If a user wants or has to remain anonymous however, they can build trust by proving capacity, (storage space) and/or earnings. MAEGIC is being developed for ALL humans, we do not care where on this rock we call earth you're occupying space and will do everything in our power to protect you from less evolved humans/governments that still think with a divisive mindset.

Proof of Location is the first thing a user will need to provide in order to download and install MAEGIC. During the beta, we will only be allowing users that verify their address through a postal service. This will also be how we send security files to users so they can connect to MAEGIC and their local network. If a user decides that they want to secure large data on the network, we can also send their security files with any data that they purchase a storage device for. Cre8ive Productions, Sales & Service, Inc. has been contracted to handle location verification and data distribution on behalf of MAEGIC, Ltd. and their partners, please visit their eBay store until a commerce and file/data distribution solution can be written into MAEGIC.

Proof of Identity is an OPTIONAL proof users have at their disposal to build trust on the network, it starts with providing their first name, optional middle name and birth family last name as well as their birth date and gender. The more details a user adds to their identity, the more profiles that are created which not only increases trust but also returns more results when a user scans the network for their hosted user data. MAEGIC, Ltd. repsects the privacy of all it's NON-MALICIOUS users that are not causing harm to others. Adding social networks is another way users can build up trust, it's a good way to show that an identity has already been established.

Proof of Capacity is also an optional proof to build trust with, this is more for the Tech saavy users and is also being developed as a way to earn income. This proof is planned to be developed on top of existing storage based cryptocurrency projecst so users can start proving their storage capacity and begin earning income. Our thinking with this proof is that by allowing users to show that they have made a certain investment of time and money in their network, they can establish trust from other users.

Proof of Earnings is for mostly the parental and/or working class that are not comfortable with providing details about their identity and are too busy to build and maintain networks. The main idea behind this proof is that one day MAEGIC will provide a free accounting system, (used mainly to monitor the economy) that has features to provide evidence that a user is real. When users transfer Power to each other using MAEGIC, these blockchain transactions can then be used to prove that a user is conributing to their local community while still maintianing their privacy.

PoLICE Protocol Time Minting:

PoLICE protocol uses a unique time format when it comes to generating it's chain Technologies. Every year is referred to as an "Orbit" and each has eight "Phases" that are calculated by dividing the seconds in a year by eight. So for a leap year, the Orbit would have 31,622,400 seconds, (86,400 seconds in a day times 366 days) instead of the 31,536,000 seconds in a normal 365 day year. The math for each Orbit Phase works out to 3,952,800 seconds for leap years and 3,942,000, (45.625 days) for normal years. Every time frame below is also divided by eight, the next frame down which is referred to as a "Cycle" works out to 492,750 seconds and is around 5.7 days in a normal year. Each Cycle will have eight "Spans" that are 61,593.75 seconds long which works out to around 17.1 hours. Each Span has eight "Tours" that were named after it's time frame which is about 2.14 hours, (7,699.21875 seconds). Each Tour has eight "Epochs" of 962.40234375 seconds, (around 16 minutes) and each Epoch has eight "Mints" of 120.30029296875 seconds which works out to around 2 minutes. Seconds are referred to as "Nicks" of time and they are the same span as a second. PoLICE Protocol uses this time format with each frame performing different types of tasks to secure the chain, we'll provide more details about chain generation after beta testing different models.

Use the PoLICE Protocol time minter located here.

NOTE: If you are donating via XCH, you can donate to a specific feature to support the development of it. Please visit https://maegic.dev/features to browse, request and track the development progress of MAEGIC. Feature donations are dispursed to the developers based on their coding contributions, click here for more information.

If you're interested in donating via cryptos, click here.

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