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Items Management Feature

MAEGIC defines an item as anything that is made up of physical matter that can be bought and sold, each item can consist of multiple parts which are other items. We define growers, manufacturers and other related terms for the people and entities that create items as "Creators" and the data related to their items is stored by their creator name and location. This feature will allow users to manage their items data as well as provide an option to sync their data with other networks they trust. For example, if a user wants to keep items data of a certain Creator that is also running MAEGIC up to date, that user can define the Creators network as the apex host to sync from. If you're new to MAEGIC and are looking to get started, click here for help with installation and setup. If you already have your network setup and wish to use maegic.net to access this feature online, click here to connect.

NOTE: If you are donating via XCH, you can donate to a specific feature to support the development of it. Please visit https://maegic.dev/features to browse, request and track the development progress of MAEGIC. Feature donations are dispursed to the developers based on their coding contributions, click here for more information.

If you're interested in donating via cryptos, click here.

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