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MAEGIC Social Welfare System

Guy Moyer  My name is Guy Moyer, I'm the lead developer of the MAEGIC Framework as well as the CEO of Cre8ive Productions, Sales & Service, Inc. and MAEGIC, Ltd., a non-profit Technology cooperative. Several years ago I noticed something about the economy that surprisingly I don't seem to hear many people talking about just yet. That something is how the advancement of Technology has fundamentally changed the way our economy works. Many statistics show that the gap between the rich and the poor is growing faster than it ever has before and I believe I know the reason why. Every generation before us has worked very hard to make life easier for the next generation, almost all of our innovation is developed to make working easier and more efficient which, in return, is eliminating jobs so it makes sense that poverty and incarceration rates are on the rise. I do not believe that we're in a recession or a depression, I believe we're in a transition. Work has never been more efficient than it is now so with the population growing, local economies vanishing and the little jobs that we do have left being phased out by Technology, poverty has just become a part of life as we know it. The governments don't seem to even be discussing the root of the problem yet, they just keep printing money and prolonging the inevitable. And for the record, I do NOT blame China like some people are doing now. I believe they're in the same boat as we are but they're just dealing with it on a much larger scale because of the size of their population. We are all in a race to the bottom if we continue to do nothing.

  If you are old enough to remember back to how things used to be before the Internet, you should be able to understand where I'm coming from. I remember the day I realized what was going on. I was on a crew installing a ventilation system in this huge factory back in the late 90's when I was working for a metal fabrication shop and I remember looking down at their operation and noticing something. There was only one person handling the entire manufacturing process. He would load up all the materials into the front end, then run to storage to get more crates to haul over to the back end to prepare for shipping. When we were done with the installation, I asked the guy if his help had called in sick and he told me that only two people were needed to run the entire plant. Right there it dawned on me that capitalism was about to take a turn for the worse.

  It's not just the manufacturing sector that's replacing our workforce with Technology either, another sector that's being phased out is administration. In the early 70's, Sears Roebuck was the largest retailer in the world with about 350,000 employees so they built the well known Sears Tower because they needed central offices for all their administrative employees. Today, most of the work they were doing in that building is being handled by a cluster of servers and code and to make matters worse, now we're phasing out our cashiers and clerks with self checkouts and ATM's as well as trying to create drones to provide local delivery services. What's next you ask? Well I belive that parallel computing used in conjunction with big data is going to enable true AI, (artifical intelligence) so when this Technology becomes mainstream, teachers, customer service and diagnostics workers to name a few are going to be standing in the unemployment line. When maximizing profits is the name of the game, humans just can't compete with Technology. A company in Boston is offering a robot that doesn't get sick, doesn't complain, doesn't require benefits or pay, works 24/7 and does exactly what it's programmed to do. In a capitalistic world where profits are the bottom line, this is the future or our workforce.
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 So am I saying that we should ditch capitalism? Absolutely not, I firmly believe capitalism is the reason why Americans are so creative and why we've accomplished so much but it's not working like it did before Technology started taking over our workforce and the Internet started to destroy local economies. Capitalism is failing us now though, here's my attempt at explaining how. Let's imagine that you're a modern day Thomas Edison and you think up something that makes life a little easier. After coming up with a working prototype, it's time to deal with the manufacturing process. You go online and start making contacts with manufacturers and within a week, you become attracted to a manufacturer with the most advanced robotic manufacturing capabilites to date. You're attracted to them because their workforce to manufacture your gadget is completely automated which is more efficient and has way less overhead than a human workforce which gets you faster delivery with less flaws and nets you more profit for each unit sold. You know that you would get destroyed by anyone who would go this route to deliver a competing gadget if you chose to go with a manufacturer that relied more on a human workforce than a robotic one so you sign the contract. Now it's time to focus your attention on how you'll handle all your business administration. After a couple hours online, you find a web based system that manages everything for you and it only costs $49 per month. With all your orders, payments and accounting being handled by this system, you can now focus on fulfillment. This part is easy, you just lease some cheap warehouse space and hire a couple family members to process incoming orders. Now you need to figure out advertising. You go online again and read an article about how this one couple selling socks online made millions with a no cost social marketing strategy so you decide to give that a shot because you believe your gadget will sell itself. It works, everything works. It works so well, you're making more money than you could ever figure out how to spend in twenty lifetimes. Then the battle with guilt starts.

  The first couple years you do your best to ignore what's going on because you did everything right, you played by all the rules and are living the American dream. What's happening in the world is not your problem. Something happens that changes everything though. One of your best friend's daughter is killed in an armed robery at an ATM while she was withdrawing money so she could go out with her friends. While sitting at the memorial service, it gives you some time to really think about how people can behave like this and what can be done to prevent these types of desperate acts before it's one of your children. You decide to try to figure out where everything took a turn for the worse so you go back as far as you can imagine and start wondering about what all Thomas Edison had to go through to capitalize on his ideas. First you wonder how he would have had to manufacture everything and it dawns on you that he had no choice but to use an all human manufacturing workforce. He would have had to travel to meet with manufacturers because he couldn't just pull up their web site on his computer to research them, so this means he would have had to stimulate local economies while traveling to seek out his best option. You begin to wonder about how he would have handled his fulfillment and figure he most likely had higher shipping and labor costs due to the transportation conditions, lack of communication and added time it would take to use all forms for managing his orders. You then realize that his business administartion and advertising methods would be completely different, he would have had to depend heavily on local vendors and give up a large percentage of his profits to them to advertise and process most of his end user transactions for him. After soaking all this in, this is where you convince yourself that you found the root of the problem. The day the first mom and pop shop closed it's doors because it couldn't compete anymore is the day capitalism started to fail us all. Your multi-million dollar corporation costs way less than his would have and this explains the growing divide between the rich and the poor.

After the service, you get home and spend a little time tyring to figure out what you can do to help turn things around. Your biggest issue is actually finding the time to do anything, between running your corporation and spending time with your family, there's really not much of your time left over. You go online and start searching for charities but you find that there's really nothing out there that would actually help fix the problem on a global scale so you decide it would just be a waste of money to contribute to any of them. You figure you could only make a difference in certain areas if they're even making a difference at all, you just know that some of these charities are a scam and you surely don't have the time to do the proper research on thousands of them. Now you start wondering how you would go about lobbying to pay higher taxes but then you think about all the corruption, wasteful spending and incompetence the goverment is notorious for and come to the conclusion that would be a waste of your money as well. Plus you loath the idea of how much we spend on our military and believe we're only making enemies by trying to maintain a presence everywhere. As a true capitalist, you want the most bang for your buck. After a couple of frustrating hours, you just start hoping that something will eventually come along because you realize that there really is nothing you can do to save the world.

  OK so back to reality here, hopefully this little journey into your imagination has given you some perspective on how things have changed from when capitalism was working for most everyone. So what happens if we continue to do nothing? Well my best guess would be that the poverty and incarceration rates will continue to rise while the value of the dollar continues to decline. This is a good place to note that it makes me extremely nervous that China has stopped buying our debt and started investing more in their military. This really isn't surprising though since we just recently shut down our government and hinted around at defaulting on our debt. I would imagine if all this continues to get worse then at some point we're going to have to just admit that our economy has collapsed and figure that we have no choice but to put caps on how much of the economy a person or corporation will be able to have control over. When I bring this up, people often argue with me that it's that person or corporations' money so the government should have no say in how much of it they can keep. I usually respond by asking who created money in the first place and then try to convince them that money is a product of the government and they have a right to say how it should be handled just like any other product in a free market. It really is a bit hypocritical if you don't at least consider this as a valid argument if you believe in personal property rights and that corporations are people too. If corporations are people, than a government is one of their parents and should be making decisons based on what's best for their children. If you don't get what I mean here, I'm saying a stable economy is better for a corporation whether they realize it or not.

  In my honest opinion, this is all simple math but I really don't believe that capping how much someone can make is the best option because our government is good at writing laws but has a good track record of proving to be pretty incompetent when it comes to enforcing them. Let's not forget all the corruption that's goes on during the lawmaking process as well. Take the recent health care reform as an example, it works great in theory but they sure as hell chose the wrong team to develop the Technology needed to pull it off. This reinforces my point about corruption as I heard they gave the no bid contract to one of Michelle Obama's college friends. Why would you not enlist the biggest names in Technology to develop something like this? This question leads me to explain why I created a Technology cooperative. If you don't already know this, MAEGIC is an acronym; M is for Microsoft, A is for Autodesk, E is for eBay, G is for Google, I is for Intel & C is for my for profit corporation Cre8ive Productions, Sales & Service, Inc. which is developing most of the framework all MAEGIC Technologies will run on. My vision for this Technology cooperative is to provide forums and locations for the most talented engineers and developers to come together so they can develop Technologies for the betterment of mankind, starting with an economic monitoring and welfare system.

  Wealthy people need to understand that I want to do this for them as much as I do for the poor. History has already taught us that currency can become worthless if only a few people have it, we all got a glimpse of what will end up happening a couple years ago when local communities started trading using their own currency. I firmly believe that this divide between the rich and the poor is the #1 issue we need to be dealing with right now. I voted for Obama and I have great admiration for the man but I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed he didn't take this on before he decided to start billing everyone for healthcare. I think the main reason that most people don't have insurance is that they can't find a decent job to pay for it. I could be wrong though and I understand how evil it is to be able to deny coverage to the people who need it most but I feel it has to be said because I don't think we should be fining the people that truly can't afford it. The problem here though is how do you determine who can afford it and who can't when we're so dead set on maintaining our privacy? I used to argue that the goverment needs to stay out of our personal lives and I was ranting about this one day in a chatroom when someone responded with something that made me rethink the whole privacy issue. They simply asked what I was doing that I needed to hide from everyone and it occurred to me that I really had nothing to hide and that privacy mainly protects the people that are harming everyone. Take for example the sex offender database, it's hard to argue that this is a bad idea so this is a case where invading someone's privacy is a good thing for most of the people because it helps us protect our children. So why not start protecting our economy as well? The privacy I would need people to be more open about sharing to develop an economic monitoring and welfare system would be their personal accounting details. I'm sure this would frighten a lot of really wealthy people but this would be the only way that we could monitor the state of the economy. If we don't cap how much someone can make then we should at least alert them to when they're over their recommended maximum balance for maintaining a stable economy. I'm not really pushing for economic monitoring though but I am pushing for welfare. I would only require accounting details for those that apply for it so realistically, this is where I have to start to begin turning things around.

So how will the MAEGIC Welfare System work? Well for the past serveral years I've been writing apps that are powered by my framework and these apps will be used to manage everything. All of MAEGIC, Ltd's accounting will be open to everyone so anyone can investigate any allegations of corruption. All donations made to MAEGIC, Ltd. will be stored in a database with an option to choose a specific county to donors who only wish to support their local communities. My algorithm will then use this data along with everyone's contributor score to calculate how to disperse the funds that are left over after paying all the operation expenses. These funds will be dispersed and deposited into qualifying accounts accordingly at the end of every year provided there's enough funds to pay out a minimum of $100 to at least 80% of all qualifying accounts. The amount a qualified person will recieve will be determined by their social contributor score along with a couple other variables. So for example, if you are capable and choose to contribute nothing to society, you'll have a 0 contributor score and get nothing in return. You can build up your contributor score by applying for jobs you are qualified for, going to interviews, helping people in need and so forth. Your contributor score will decrease if you commit crimes, commit fraud, insult anyone in a public forum or have hard evidence submitted that proves you to be a bully or a manipulative liar. My algorithm will treat everyone with qualifying contributor scores in the following manner: Everyone between the ages of 18 and 21 as if they have no children; everyone between the ages of 22 and 28 as if they're raising one child; everyone between the ages of 28 and 32 as if they're rasing two children and finally, everyone over the age of 33 as if they're raising three children up until their third or last child turns 18 and qualifies for their own account, at which time, the algorithm will revert their share back down to as if they're raising no children. Couples will have their ages combined and then divided in half to determine the age the algorithm will use to calculate their share of the available funds. Everyone including donors will receive a contributor score but not everyone will qualify for welfare. If something happens to where a donor needs to apply for welfare though, the algorithm will be designed to pay them back what they have donated over the span of a minimum of five years. So for example if you have donated $500,000 overall then you will recieve $100,000 for the next five years assuming there's enough in the account to disperse you that amount and that you qualify for welfare. You will also be able to choose to receive less if you don't feel the need to take away from others if you don't have to.

  How exactly do I plan to convince corporations and the wealthy to donate to the welfare system? Well I've thought about this a lot and I realize that most people with massive wealth will be under the influence of greed but then something occurred to me. I don't have to convince them to donate, all I have to do is convince the people to support the ones that do. If the people start using MAEGIC to shop, they'll be able to see which of your local entities are donating. If the people try their best to only do business with the donors well then over time we'll end up taking back most of our economy. Wondering what you can do to help? Well for starters, get the word out, post a link to here whenever you see an opportunity! Start following famous people or popular pages and whenever they post about the economy, use that as an opportunity to help me change the future and post a link to this page in their comments. Join the MAEGIC Army! Here is where I'll be providing forums to share ideas along with a participant ranking system to let everyone see who is helping the most with this movement. If you don't have the time to participate in anything, simply make a donation if you can afford it. Keep in mind here that one person donating $1 doesn't seem like much but 100,000 people donating $1 each is $100,000 so please don't think that if $1 is all you can afford to donate, it wouldn't make a difference. I'm currently in phase 1 of my plan so if you're a network administrator or a software/web developer, I am interested in discussing how you can become part of the cooperative. Also if you just so happen to know Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page or any chiefs at Microsoft, Autodesk, eBay, Google or Intel, then try to convince them that they need to become part of this.

MAEGIC Social Welfare is a work in progress, it's functionality mentioned above may change without notice..